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lunes, 6 de febrero de 2012

Our week in pictures

Welcome to M's room. Apart from our shelves, located in the living-room, there are several activities that often take place around here. One of them is looking at books. Another, putting dolls to sleep - together.

Before the weather changed, we tried artwork with finger paint outside but I was unsure whether it might be toxic and changed it for a mass of flour and water...

I set a basket full of shoes and M showed interest in gathering them by pairs. This is a good activity to stimulate visual discrimination.

I saw this activity in Montessori Ici. M took all the pencils out and put them in the holes again but lost interest after the second time.

Some of our farm animal magnets on an oven tray.

This tray belongs to a larger activity I set on the shelves. The books were, as always, a hit, specially that one called "Farm". We will have it again this week and I'm thinking on getting M a treat. You will soon see...

What are you doing these days? I'd love to hear!

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