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lunes, 13 de febrero de 2012

One more Farm week

As usual, books have been a great hit this week. For this reason, and following our main topic "the farm", I have changed the display of the shelf every couple of days. While doing this, I have seen that what works best for us is to change materials every couple of days. We stuck to the farm topic for over a month but have mixed many other activities and several changes of the way materials were displayed. As I said last week I would probably do, I went ahead and and got M a special treat; two beautiful Schleich farm animals: a horse and a foal.
We started the week with horses on the shelf, then switched to sheep and cows.

Another of the top activities this week has been climbing. I rarely post pictures of M's gross motor activities and there is a reason for that: she is way faster than I and by the time I've got the camera ready she is already on the floor again. This time, though, I could take some snaps.

There she is climbing into and out of a hassock.

And here, climbing into an umbrella stroller we have been given and has unexpectedly turned out to be a success.
Tomorrow I'll talk about other activities we gave a try last week and will show you our latest creation.
I am off for a much needed rest!

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