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miércoles, 18 de abril de 2012

What's new: latest creations, acquisitions, and activities

After M turned 15 months at the end of March, I thought it appropriate to start introducing the concept of setting a table and I found the placemat was a simple way to do it. On my wishlist there was a beautiful cloth placemat but having realized M could perfectly be 3 by the time I learned how to sew and made my ideal mat, I have asked my mum to make it for us. This means we won't have it immediately. In the meantime, we are using a provisional one, I made by tracing plate and cutlery with a permanent marker, as you can see here.
Another of M's grandma's creations is this cute woolen satchel. M likes it and is almost able to get her arms through the straps on her own. It has proved to be useful and been a great hit among relatives and friends.
In order to welcome spring, which seems to have gone away for the past two or three weeks, we made a Spring felt board. It's really simple to make and makes a beautiful open-ended activity. M seems to like it, although she waits for me to make up the picture. 
Last week we gave sorting by color a shot. It didn't really engage M, but there it was suggested.
One of the things on my to-do list is homemade painting... I have several recipes and have been wanting to try one for a long time. In the meantime, we decided to paint the balcony and this is how M helped:
Some words must be added to the growing list of vocabulary. As it couldn't be otherwise, due to the amount of time we seem to be spending handling cutlery and dinner sets, one of the new acquisitions is "po" for "fork". Others are "pedra" (stone), which you say amazingly clear; "boo" for "ball", and "bó" for "sabó" (soap); "teeth", "knee", "chair", and the star of the week: up, up, up. Seeing you tell yourself "up" when you fall down cheers my soul up.
One more week, I am linking up to Melissa's Vibrant Wanderings.

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  1. That little woolen satchel is darling, and your felt board is a lovely idea for spring! I never did get a proper Montessori placemat for Annabelle, but I still think of it often when we set the table. Perhaps I'll get matching ones for her and her sibling - too late for A, but they can set the table together!

    As always, I love hearing of M's new words!

  2. That would be nice. Perhaps you can get matching aprons as well, this way Annabelle will be able to cook her sibling's food. Crazy idea, maybe. I intend to ask my mother to make an apron for M. with the remnant she has after making the placemat.
    Thanks for commenting!!