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martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

Homemade blocks

Here is the other novelty this week. After saving square and round boxes for a while, I have turned them into huge blocks. I had planned to make square, round, and triangle boxes and then wrap them in colored glossy paper. The square ones should be blue, the round ones red, and the triangle ones yellow. I was thinking ahead a matching activity to be done using Dick Bruna's book "I know about shapes", which you can see in this older post.
You can find square boxes anywhere, round ones are a bit more difficult to get and that's why I have only made one block out of a tin box of Danish cookies -another one on its way. But the hardest to find are triangle boxes. Although the idea was reusing, I dropped by a dime store looking for a triangle box. There were none but I stopped at Schlecker afterwards and unexpectedly found out a triangle box of tissues. Well, it was actually my niece Alba who saw it -thanks sweetheart-. It couldn't be more practical. We are all sort of cold... so we will use the tissues and then make the box into our first triangle yellow block.

To make these you only need:
boxes (you can reuse all kind of boxes)
glue (to glue the glossy paper)
glossy colored art paper (I would rather have one single color blocks but you can use any paper you like)
sticky contact paper (to make the blocks more resistant and water-proof)

You wrap the box in glossy paper, line it with contact paper and voilà: your homemade blocks.

2 comentarios:

  1. What a great idea! There are some sturdy cardboard blocks this size you can buy, but I find them rather unattractive. I hadn't thought of making my own. Great way to reuse boxes as well!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Melissa. I agree. I really wanted one-colored blocks and couldn't find any. This often happens to me in toy shops, I want single colored items in basic colors if possible, and they only have multicolored ones.