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martes, 31 de enero de 2012

On our shelves last week

I was about to consider last week's environment a complete flop but after having a glimpse at the pictures I took I've been able to see M showed more interest in some of the activities suggested than I could remember. For part of the week she was dumping objects not knowing what to do with them. It was there when I realized my idea had not been too good.
I had set up a mono-thematic work station, as you can see, and it was a bit too abstract for M.
Dick Bruna's book was one of the things she liked best. The 7 shapes puzzle was of course too difficult and I knew. It has no knobs and I had been wanting to make a 3 shapes knobbed puzzle but I kept running out of time.
On the lower shelf, the stacking shape blocks belong to a wooden train M got for Christmas. The house for sorting shapes is a recent acquisition. She has been toying around with the blocks but has not sorted them at all.
The second picture, where she can be seen comparing the real dish to the one on the book (I was lucky to find one the same color, uhu?) was one of those flashes where you tell yourself "this must be coincidence". Maybe not, who knows.
The bit of art work I suggested was not a flop. She was interested in the stickers and sticked some of them to a kitchen paper roll.

Any of you with 13 months old? What activities are you doing? Has it ever happened to you that a suggested environment was a flop?

Our shelves

Showing interest in the round shape

Comparing real plate to the one on the book

Having a close look at the new exhibition

Working with blue square stickers

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