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viernes, 10 de febrero de 2012

Joy Pockets week 2

Here is Friday again -touching its end, by the way- and here I am joining in again to share what brightened our week. It's been a sort of short week splatter with a bit of sickness but also a lot of good moments. I am grateful I found out "Joy Pockets" thanks to Melissa at Vibrant Wanderings. Now I am all week looking forward to reading what brought you joy this week.

All kind of colors in the sky and all range of temperatures within one same day
My lovely daughter's wide grin at seeing a cat and saying "pah"
Saturday afternoon with good friends
Unexpected presents for M from diverse sources
New handmade blocks
A bit of help from niece Clara, who offered to come babysit for a while
Delicious goodies brought by my dear husband on Friday afternoon
Breakfast and good conversation in the city with an old ex-student of mine
Some nice time on my own
New and successful bedtime routine

I'd love to hear what made you smile this week!

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