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martes, 28 de febrero de 2012


Stickers have really surprised me. I really didn't think they would be such a hit. First, I set up a sticky contact paper activity (I had seen in Peaceful Parenting) some weeks ago and, to my delight, it caught M's attention and turned out quite nice. Here you can see her sticking some images I cut out and how the "work of art" is displayed on our kitchen's wall.

Since it was quite a nice activity and M focused on the stickers with a delightful concentration, I decided to suggest other similar activities. I found a sticky strip of Mickey Mouse my sister bought to decorate her daughters' room ages ago (the youngest is 16 already!). I had kept it without a purpose, as many other things I keep along the way, and it has finally ended up being useful. I cut out 4 faces, gave M a white cardboard, and passed the faces to her without further ado. She was free to stick them to the rug, play with them for she loves toying with Scotch tape, or whatever. She decided to stick them to the paper her own way, as you will see. 
There are four different faces of Mickey -smiling, winking, grumpy, and laughing) so I think we will use it in the future for learning moods. 

We worked similarly with these stickers of children.
 And, not a stickers activity but similar, we gave a winter paper puzzle my sister brought to me from her school a go. She is a public kindergarten teacher and she gives me materials from time to time.  We don't use them as they are intended to but they are nice and useful all the same.
Here is M toying with the pieces of the puzzle. She loved to point at the children and see "nena, nena", the word she uses for most things with eyes-nose-mouth. We also took the opportunity to set up a related shelf with winter story books and images.

The puzzle assembled. This, of course, was my doing.
This are easy-to-do, neat activities to do with young toddlers. I will like to hear other alike activities you do with your little ones!

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