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viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012

Joy Pockets # 5

This week we have been blessed with lots of unexpected, and truly useful presents, gifts, and surprises.

One of my daughter's two great-grannies gave me a SEWING MACHINE! Phew, am I not lucky?
Lots of goodies from my husband's village; whole peeled home-bottled tomatoes and tomato sauce, fruit preserves, organic apples, potatoes, and onions.
Hand-made toys made by my mum following my crazy Montessori-inspired ideas.
Two beautiful, inspiring artwork books full of ideas!!
A well-made, handcrafted, wooden bed for M.
Lavender and vanilla essential oils given by Pranarôm.*
Two sacks full of second-hand but practically new fashionable clothes ... my size!!
M's brand-new 'see kai run' shoes, which she has loved since the very moment she tried them on.* 
Delightful moments with my beloved M.
A recovered health, for which I feel grateful.

I wonder how much we are given by relatives, friends, acquaintances... Some years ago I might have undervalued material objects but since I am a mother I have become aware of how much given things save me. It is not only money but time, and not only the time to buy them but to organize, schedule, get to the store, bother M with car rides, which she dislikes so much. All in all this is a great amount of time I save, specially since living far from the store implies rides all the time. I find multiple joy in being the recipient of gifts; among other reasons there's the element of surprise, the fact that someone has been thinking of you, the time and money you are spared, the nice feeling of reusing and recycling.

* Disclaimer: I am not getting paid by any of these brands. I happen to mention them because I like and use them but this is by no means intended as a piece of advertisement. I felt it would be forced to omit the brands just because it could seem advertising. I like giving details -hence I often use more than one adjective- and mentioning brands is just a part of that.

How has your week been? May the weekend brighten it!

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