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domingo, 11 de marzo de 2012

Joy Pockets # 6

Sunday is nearing its end here in BCN and I haven't posted Friday's Joy pockets. No excuses. I was about to do it last Friday but it suddenly felt rather machine-like and dropped it. I really like the idea of acknowledging the moments that brightened our week and really consider it a good way of gaining insight into our lives. Bringing those moment unto the surface gives us, among other things, the opportunity of feeling grateful for what we are/do/get. However, when this beautiful action becomes a compulsory task, some of its magic seems to be taken away. This is my feeling, at least and this reminds me why I seldom join daily initiatives. I love them and really admire those of you who have the discipline to keep them up. It doesn't work for me, though. 
Having said that, I now feel a bit more in the mood for sharing those things that made my week beautiful. 
Lunch with friends
Picnic in Ciutadella Park
Interesting Book Club Session discussing Toni Morrison's Beloved
Amaranth, vegetables, and pumpkin
Spring around the corner
Flowers blooming and new words sprouting
My girl's first steps
Successful potty learning
Interesting outings: downtown, market, Gracia
Riso ioga with Zoe
Baked sesame bread and oatmeal banana cupcakes -yummy-
Successful no-pooing (both M and myself)
Walk in the woods: elfs' mini shacks made of branches, delightful trill of mockingbirds, and a horse!!
The expectation of friends coming to stay with us -from Australia.
Reflection day

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