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jueves, 8 de marzo de 2012

Before Spring settles in

In my mind I have been wanting to write and post about so many things lately that thinking I had actually done something I have almost completely forgotten to mention what was going on around here. Preparing to welcome the spring I set up a new environment last night and realized I hadn't shared our last activities, not even the ones we had before those. I apologize for this lack of consistency.
We tried stickers again, using a black-and-white painting by J. Miró as the background, and this was the outcome:

I know it is too early for abstract concepts such as colors but since we are always seeing basic colors everywhere I decided to set up some color shelves for a couple of weeks. You can see the blue and red ones -yellow came later-. M didn't show much interest in them, only took some items to explore. And although I guess the blocks are likely to be used in the future, up to know they have been utterly ignored. Finally, I got to make a triangle, yellow block!

One of the boxes we have had around these pasts weeks contains toiletries; a tiny hand mirror, a hair brush, necklaces, and bracelets. Together with the clothes baskets, it has been a hit. There you can see M trying on some jewels, and checking their top quality with the help of the mirror:-)

We've been also doing some activities outside, playing with sand -oh, yeah, we finally set up a sandy area-, water, using the blackboards... The water involved a bit more of a mess, so I didn't take any pictures... sorry! I will next time.

 M is currently 14 months old and she has started to stand on her own and cruise taking one or two steps. It is so exciting and the nicest thing is that she shows excitement when she realizes she is there all by herself. Before she decided to give cruising a try though, she tried to climb the stairs step by step on  her legs... This is something that has indeed surprised me, she could crawl up this flight of iron stairs before crawling on the floor and started standing up on each step before standing on the floor! Isn't that amazing?
Hey world, here I come!!

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  1. What a wonderful update! Your color shelves look very enticing, and I love the sticker work. Annabelle absolutely loved using stickers on the airplane - I think that was the best thing we traveled with. I love the photo of M with her chalk, and the stair-climbing truly is amazing! I'm in awe of the fact that she actually stood up on the stairs!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Melissa. Stickers really surprised me. They -among other activities- have made me understand the power of observation and the importance of letting the child explore and follow her lead. Such a simple thing from an adult's view can actually be a nearly magic activity. Sticker can have different colors and shapes, they stick to the fingers making the child concentrate, enhances pincer grasp, and well many other good things that I possibly miss.