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sábado, 1 de marzo de 2014

A present for a friend turning 5

This friend's sixth birthday is going to be soon and revising what we made for her last year I've thought I would share again.

This weekend we have been to a very special friend's birthday party. She was turning 5 and I knew she is very into letters, so I wanted to make something letter-related and since I also happen to love stamps I gave foam stamps a try. It doesn't always happen to me that I am very glad with the result when I want to make a birthday present and I often end up giving something different from what I'd planned. However, this time around I was quite happy and I want to show it to you.
I made the stamps using foam pieces that I glued to big bottle caps. The ink pad is just the lid of a container -the kind of container take away food comes in- lined with thick felt. I wanted to add homemade ink as well but it wouldn't have fitted into the box we were going to use. To use this pad with the stamps the only thing you need is a bit of acrylic paint and a pinch of salt. The salt makes the paint a bit more fluid. 

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Voilà, that's the way the present looked.

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