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miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012

What's new: Questions and commands

This week I have really noticed a change in M's response to questions and commands. For so many months I have been talking to her and asking her questions that would go unanswered that now I am really taken aback everytime she produces a reply. It has really taken place from one day to the next one. As many other days, one morning this week I asked M to bring her slippers to the bedroom and in less than two minutes there she was, one slipper in each hand. I was happier than suprised 'cause I didn't doubt for a second that she had understood my command. However, I'm also afraid I might sound too proud a mother for someone outside the scene, so I repeated the same command that evening and had the same result.
I have been asking M to go to her rug and wait for me to read her the book she was asking to be read several times as well and she seems to be grasping the concept of waiting for some minutes for something to happen. This is the kind of progress that reminds me of the value of having spoken to her so much. I am a strong believer in talking to babies from the first moment and in talking to them as you would talk to an adult, in a clear yet unsimplifyied way, informing of what is to come and never lying or hidding information. It might be a quirk of mine but I hate it when adults talk to babies imitating baby talk and call things using the words the baby would. I know, it is silly but I just can't stand it. I really think babies are such intelligent creatures that we are doing them no good if we invent a language instead of using language. If a baby learns that a dog is a "wow" or something like that, he will have to learn again later on that it is a dog. Ok, a baby might not be able to pronounce "dog" from the first day he starts to speak, but he is perfectly capable of learning and registering the words "dog" and "puppy". This is at least what I am seeing with M these days. She still calls our cat "pa" but since we saw some "kittens" last weekend she shows to be able to recognise both words.
You must be thinking I am obsessed with language. I may be... after all, it has something to do with my profession. I want to note, though, other skills M has shown to have as of late. Some days ago, as she was helping me load the washing machine she was very reluctant to put some jumper inside the machine. Our conversation went as follows:
"Can you please put this diaper inside the washing machine"
She would
"Can you please put this pajamas (hers) inside the washing machine"
She would
"Can you please put this jumper (daddy's) inside the washing machine"
Then she would start telling me repeatedly it was papa's.
At first I failed to understand why she didn't want daddy's jumper in the laundry but after this happened again two days later, I realised her logics were sound: she was sorting by person... Hence daddy's jumper could not belong in that laundry group, we were only loading the machine with diapers and baby clothes!!! 
Our main computer seems to have broken down, so unfortunately I have no pics to upload this week. Sorry!!

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  1. It's amazing how one day a new skill just shows up, seemingly out of nowhere. I can definitely relate to your happiness over the slipper scenario. It is so exciting, as much as you know intellectually that they understand, to actually see the proof in your child's actions.

    I'm much like you with language in general, too. Every new word, phrase, and construction fills me with excitement, and baby talk drives me completely crazy.

    M's categorizing with the laundry is fascinating. An insight into the innerworkings of her mind. There's always so much more going on than what we can see on the surface!