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martes, 17 de abril de 2012

Followers or readers?

When I first started this blog, Spanish was the language I used to write my posts. The only readers I was aware of didn't really read English fluently so that was a major reason to keep it Spanish.
Over the time, I found out those followers were not really following along and the ones who did were either fluent in English or didn't read Spanish at all so I decided to switch to English and I've been writing practically all my posts in this language since.
In the past months, and deducing from the visits my blog receives, I've noticed that in the same way public followers of the blog are not always readers of my posts, there are quite a number of unknown readers who aren't publicly following along.
I am really curious about these people who seem to enjoy reading my posts and I would really like to cater to these people's interests, if I could. I understand, however, one may have reasons not to follow along openly. Having said that, another of my concerns is whether I should use a language the majority of the public understands.
For all these reasons, if you are reading these lines and you are not a follower of my blog yet, I invite you to become one so I can get to know you more, or if you are too shy for that, I invite you to send me an email saying which posts you've enjoyed and what you'd rather read about, as well as what language you prefer.
Needless to say, I appreciate your interest and comments!!

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