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lunes, 20 de agosto de 2012

A summer day in our life after our mini vacation

It is so hot around here these days that I find it extremely difficult to sit down and write a post, although there are many issues I want to write about, one of them being of course some activities we've been doing. I also want to show you around some corners of our home, especially M's cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, but for one reason or another I never like the pictures I take.
So I will start with the activities and outings we've done this last week so far. 
To start with, we went to visit some ducks.
We got a nice numbers ice tray and tried out an early math activity with appropriate sensorial material, the temperature being over 90 ºF/35ºC.
We've also been having some fun with water balloons: here is M sorting them. During the nap, I put them in the freezer and we played with frozen balls afterwards (I have no pics of that, I am afraid).
This morning we had two friends over for a messy play date. This is the shaving cream paint we made:
And this is how they enjoyed it:
During M's nap today I also gave old crayons a go. I really wanted rock crayons but I can't find them anywhere in Barcelona, so I've decided to make them myself. More about it, tomorrow!

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  1. Oh, you are full of great ideas! A messy play date? Sorting water balloons? Frozen balls? I love it all! I never get very good pictures of our home and shelves and such, but no one seems to mind when I post them anyway. I'd love to see some of the corners of your home!

  2. Thanks, Melissa. Wouldn't it be great if we could jump over the "pond" in half an hour and share one of these play dates? I can easily picture Annabelle in these activities, and soon there will be another baby boy to join baby Elliot. And, I am sure we'd have lots to talk about, too.
    I'll try to finish -and publish- my post about the corners of our home.