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miércoles, 29 de agosto de 2012

Some corners of our home

For some months now M has had a cabinet of her own in the kitchen and another one in the toilet. There, we keep all the items she needs for toileting, eating, or cooking. Since she started to move around we've tried to make our house as child-friendly as possible and these corners were just a response to M's needs. In my view, they have proved to be excellent ways to promote autonomy, both in the toilet and kitchen. Among other things, these cabinets have helped her familiarize with kitchen utensils -I was lucky to find a wonderful kit of child-sized kitchen utensils-, facilitated her use of combs, brushes, face clothes, and the like.
Kitchen cabinet
As you can see, in the kitchen cabinet (L to R) we store some glasses and a pitcher, flatware, bowls, and a pot with a ladle, wooden spoons, slicer, rolling pin, and spatula.
Bathroom cabinet
This cabinet houses all M's toiletries and more. It is actually the lowest part of our bathroom cabinet and this makes it absolutely easy for M to open and close it. From top shelf down (L to R), it contains a cardboard tray with face clothes, another one with underwear, and some towels; a tray with M's toothbrush and cup, a tray with bob pins, hair ties, headbands, comb and so on, and a mirror. The lowest shelf treasures some books. M has two favorites she usually wants to read while in the toilet but this gives her more variety - and proves to be an excellent spot to keep books!!

Some other corners I would like to talk about are M's wardrobe, the hangers in the entrance hall, and her work table. Let's see if I can take some pictures soon.

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  1. These are great! Thanks for the peek into your home. I have been trying to work out how to store Annabelle's dishes in our new kitchen and I just love M's little cabinet.