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viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

A day trip to the city

Today we've gone to, in my opinion, the most enchanting neighborhood in Barcelona; Gracia. It was my idea to do a trip once a week but since it has been raining most of the week we have kept putting it of until today. It was raining as we set out this morning but my Little One seemed to enjoy the rain on her face.

One of the most exciting things of this neighborhood is that you always find a new store, workshop, or whatever and they can be incredibly creative. Today we have discovered a bagel shop! I adore bagels and was very disappointed to find out that the one bagel shop in Barcelona (Canuda st.) had been swept away by the ¿?crisis. So first thing on our arrival to the Plaza del Sol this morning, this pretty tiny corner shop with a large assortment of bagels. Later on we have dropped by the English 2nd hand bookstore and bought a book for papatò, another one for mamatò, and a Charlie and Lola board book for Little one. They had a cozy nook for children and she has enjoyed it until the lower shelves of bookcases were too appealing. One of her favorite activities currently is to take books out of the shelf...
We have had lunch at a gorgeous place called La Nena, a child-friendly restaurant where my lovely daughter has played a while with some blocks and then dived into her father's salad to pick the tomatoes. I have enjoyed a quiche and a mango juice myself. We have later got some nice tea, the expensive one we seldom buy. Its sweet parfum will remind us of a wonderful day.
Just rambling is wonderful. There are so many things to look at and enjoy.

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