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miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

Ten months already

Alongside this change of style I have decided to make, I will also change the language I use.
Now that my baby has turned ten months, I will start keeping a journal of her progress and of the activities we do. She has already a journal where I write to her since before her birth. The one here intends to be of a more public nature.
Some months ago, when she was around six and a half months and starting to sit upright on her own I collected some sensorial items and placed them on a basket.

This idea was inspired by Montessori's treasure baskets. Some of the objects I gathered were: a pineapple, a toothbrush, a silk neckerchief, a piece of string, a shell, a tiny tin box, a beaded necklace. She used to devote much time and dedication to the objects in that treasure basket, picking up one by one and scattering them all.

Today -she is ten months already- I placed the basket on her playing mat again, after having removed it for some weeks, and not only has she showed interest again but a kind of "I am already acquainted with this" feeling. She has taken every object and played with her favorite; the necklace, until one of her feet has got caught in it.

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