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sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2011

Hats on

In M's room there are two baskets, one containing several board and cloth books --including one I made myself; the other a weekly activity. This past week we had several hats in it: two straw pamelas with ribbons, a knitted cap, a bonnet, and a peaked cap. 

Once a day M checks the basket and although she is not very attracted to the hats, she enjoys seeing me taking one by one and trying them on. I offer one hat to her but she doesn't want to wear anything on her head.
This activity was intended both to make the routine of getting dressed a funny thing and as an introduction to body vocabulary. She already identifies the nose. I have realized one could do many other activities with the hats. They are made of different materials, have various sizes, and so on. However, since M is still very young and she is not very keen on putting on hats not even to have a look at the mirror, I will keep the activity for later on. Tomorrow I will change the contents of the basket... and will let you know what our new treasure hamper contains. I have several ideas...

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