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jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2011

Some cozy nooks -M's room-

These last weeks we have been busy rearrenging our house so M can crawl everywhere and stand up on furniture with no danger.  Now that she crawls up and down at her will, she can decide where to spend time so we have set some activities for her in nearly each room of our house. There is, of course, her room, where she doesn't sleep yet but where there is a mattress so she can rest whenever she feels like it. I have to admit she has never used it but to climb, but there it is. The decoration in the room is scarce:  two pegs with marine elements ( a mermaid, and a flounder) on one wall; a picture made of knitted letters with M's name on another; a low shelf with a cloth dice and a cuddly elephant. There are also two baskets in the room, one with some books and the other with a weekly activity, as I mentioned in my last post. This week we have several pieces of fabric; a woolen scarf, a silk handkerchief, some velvet mittens, a piece of flannel, and a remnant of corduroy. She has scarcely paid attention to this, so interested she is in looking at the books, but I am already thinking ahead. I will prepare a matching activity with these remnants.

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