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miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2012

Rainbow activities

Colors were the first topic we worked on when we started this school year. After some activities that reinforced the notions of basic colors M already had, I decided to widen the scope to secondary colors and what better than the rainbow to work on seven colors?
The first activity I left next to the window just as a suggestion was a foam rainbow together with a bowl of water. M knew well that those foam pieces stick to the glass if soaked in water and the moment she saw the invitation, she set to work. Once she had been working for a while, I took the opportunity to review the colors with her and sing the rainbow song a couple of times. 
Foam rainbow and a bowl full of water
It took M less than a week to learn these seven colors, after all only four of them were more or less new but it made 14 words, since she learned them both in English and Catalan. 
Among the rainbow activities featured also our home-made crayons, which were quite used for a while.
Something else we made was a painted rainbow to use for matching activities and these have engaged her several times since we made them around the second week of September for the first time. Had I been thinking of posting this, I would have used tempera or acrylic paint but since I thought it would be an activity for a while I used crayons. It would have looked neater...

M matching painted clothes pegs to the rainbow

Matching colored feathers to the rainbow

2 comentarios:

  1. These are all such great ideas! I love the craft foam rainbow especially. I have thought to cut some into shapes for the bath many times, but I hadn't thought about putting them on glass elsewhere in the house. Annabelle would love that!

  2. The other way around here. We haven't tried them in the bath but we are going to! Right now the hits in the bath are water markers and sponge blocks -I got some cheap colored sponges at the dollar store, cut them into pieces and voila!