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martes, 19 de junio de 2012

A busy morning

When our computer broke down two months ago most of our documents and pictures were irreversibly lost and the thought of this was truly painful. Apart from the obvious feeling of loss I could not bring myself to post about our activities because I needed to illustrate them with pictures, pictures that were gone forever. I am afraid that period will remain undocumented. In the meantime, though, I have been taking some shots, mostly of our inside activities. When we do something outside is often a water or messy activity that requires either special attention or the use of the hands. Hence, the camera is absent there. And, oh did I ever mention I am the worst photographer ever?
Today, I would like to share a glimpse into one of those "summerish" days when M was adjusting to her new schedule and got up at 6.30. By mid morning that day, we had already done three more or less messy activities.
The first one, and my first attempt at making play dough, went this way:
We set out the ingredients we were going to use. No cream of tartar or tartar powder at hand so we just gathered all-purpose flour, salt, warm water, and oil. It was just an attempt and above all a suggested scenario full of practical life activities for M. In the image you can see her using the ladle to add salt to the water. She, later, added the flour, poured a glass of oil and we stirred the mixture.
The resulting play dough was malleable and nice but since it didn't contain tartar powder or the like, it only lasted for half a week. Afterwards it got hard as if we had been using bread dough. Never mind, M enjoyed the process but didn't pay much attention to the play dough.
The following scenario that same morning suggested painting. The normal kind. I set out an old sheet, cardboard paper, brushes, and red finger paint and there came M. 
After some strokes, she wanted to go outside. It was really sunny so I thought we could give ice block painting a try. We had prepared ice blocks with a little bit of red finger paint stirred in them the afternoon before.
There she is enjoying the iced painting while sitting on the potty...

What activities have you been doing outside as of late?

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear you lost your photos! I can only imagine. I really need to back ours up. Thank goodness you have so many saved here on your blog!

    Is cream of tartar hard to find there all the time? I can easily include a jar or two when I post your continent box items. Here it's inexpensive and easy to get.

    I love the ice painting idea! We're having a heat wave this week so we have been indoors a lot, but if we had an excuse to play with ice, the yard might be more appealing!

    1. Oh, Melissa, this comment remained unanswered, sorry. Cream of tartar is difficult to find as many other things you can find in any dollar store in the US. I was looking for materials for our summer activities at the beginning of June and had to give up or try and invent alternatives. Never mind. Btw, I have to finish collecting items for the continent box!! Thanks for reminding me!

    2. No rush on those items at all! I have several things for you from Guam, but want to pick up a few DC items that you could add to a North America box, too. If you tell me a few things you'd like to have that you suspect are easy to find here, I would honestly love to add a few things for your everyday activities as well. Some items were so hard to find on Guam, so I really empathize! I am definitely going to send some cream of tartar. It really does make lovely play dough!

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