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miércoles, 1 de enero de 2014

New year, new words

Not so long ago I was excitedly witnessing my daughter's first words (or babbling) and compiling it here. Today, this daughter is three years old and sister to a one-year old brother who starts babbling.
Regretfully, in 2013 I was trapped in a sort of chaotic life with two small kids and very little time and couldn't manage to find the time to post. One of my resolutions for 2014 is to write more and this includes, of course, to post more. This blog was born as a journal and it is now my desire to use it as such, for the sake of memory. It is endearing to remember a baby's first movements, words, interests... and I am afraid my memory is not able to retain everything.
Baby 2 is now nearly 13 months. He doesn't walk yet but we are starting to see a kind of peace that was totally gone for a whole year.
As I was with Marina before, I am fascinated by the way he designates words and also by the fact that he chooses nearly the same monosyllables her sister used when she started to babble.
To date, he uses some disyllabic inventions such as:

"Teta" for boob, and generally food.
"Tata" for poop, pee, for some people.
"Taata" for tiger and other animals he sees on his bedtime board book.
"Holaa" for hello and good-bye.
"Baba" for water.
The uses of "mama" and "papa" are a bit erratic but he often utters them.

I am looking forward to witnessing more words, first steps, and other milestones... But I also wish to live here and now and not miss a thing.

So happy to be back!!!

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