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miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2011

Our pre-tot school in pictures

I have been so busy lately that I haven't blogged at all. Facts are I have had to read a lot for my book clubs this month and whenever I have a moment I do some research in order to prepare spaces for M. That's whay I have thought I may show you some of these spaces in pictures.
She has new skills everyday and I am so happy to see her growing cheerful and balanced. 


Before the cold season set in, we spent some time in the garden, experimenting with sand, flour, rocks...   

 I left a basket with wooden kitchen utensils in M's playing room for her to explore. She really played with them, taking them out and putting them back in the basket.

Here you can see M climbing to get inside one of the new bookcases we got from a charity shop while my husband was assembling them. These bookcases are intended to contain material for M on their lower shelves.

There she is making music, one of her favorite activities. For 
this purpose, we have set a wonderful tray with instruments in her nook in the living-room.

Another activity that we often enjoy is hands washing -and playing with water-...


And, this is the kitchen corner. There, M has a magnet bear on the bottom part of the refrigerator and she likes to take the magnets out and see how they stick back again. She is of course too young to change the several outfits this bear has, but I change them some mornings while we fix breakfast and I then tell M how is the weather that particular day and what clothes the bear might need. 

Every time the laundry basket used to be around M came to it and took the clothes one by one. That's why I gave her some of her own clothes to play with, and there she is trying to put on a coat!

For some weeks now we have had this basket full of blue items in the living-room corner. We have explored them several times together. I realize it might be time to change it now... What color shall we have next? Maybe red? Or may I set a Christmas basket now??

I hope you liked our activities!

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